This is a test of the DreamweaverTemplate class, which was designed to help parse standard Dreamweaver templates. This is to ease their use in CMS systems. It is a PHP class that you instantiate with a given instance, based upon a template.

This allows you to create an empty "template" that is placed in the appropriate place in the hierarchy of a CMS system. You can then use your theme files to parse the template, and output the appropriate HTTP stuff.

The following form gives you access to all the editable fields in the demo file. If you change any of them, and hit "Submit," you will see the output of the file, with your changes incorporated into the appropriate editable regions.

View the empty template file (Do a "View Source")

Download the source

By the way, the source has an eval() in it, but I don't have that enabled in this demo. What? You think I'm THAT dumb?